Put the naysayers at bay and don’t be afraid to show off your dog’s style. Our dog hoodies, shirts, and bandanas aren’t just for style or looks, but also have several helpful benefits for your dog. These clothes will help to maintain your dog’s body temperature in cold and warm weather, especially if her genetics and coat aren’t equipped for certain environments. Check out our collection today.








Transform your dog

Give your pup a voice and warmth from the cold using our collection of affordable and stylish small dog clothes. Now you can transform your dog into a motorcyclist, angel, rock star, or zombie hunter just by giving him clothes to match the personality you’ve come to know and love him by. Here at we want to give you great clothing for your dog that’s versatile, stylish, and functional.


We want to help you pamper your pooch and give her the things she needs to stay healthy when the weather changes. Take a walk around our site and after you do don’t forget to leave us a message about what you think about our products and services. We’d love to hear from you! Email us at and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.



Stylish Dog Apparel to Reflect Your Pup's Unique Personality

As a proud dog owner, you want people to know just how fun and special your pup really is. Little Paws Boutique specializes in providing dog owners with stylish dog apparel for just about any occasion. From warm and comfortable dog hoodies, to stylish dog bandanas, our selection is sure to include that apparel that reflects your pup's fun-loving personality. Featuring vibrant colors and witty designs, our dog apparel is a must-have for dogs of any breed. Give your pup a stylish makeover today!

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